All photography provided by Stefanie Reynaert


Born in Belguim, Antony learned to play classical piano at the age of seven.

At the age of 17, he saw a friend playing the guitar and later got intensely into guitar.

During high school he practiced for more than 5 hours a day. At the age of 19 he found a teacher who was just perfect for him, and learned to play blues and country-influenced music as well as other styles.

Later, he traveled to Ireland to study with Trevor Darmody.

This opportunity boosted his confidence and made him progress even more as a musician. Back in Belguim, Antony released a CD with the band which he was part of at that time, which was a great learning experience.

Antony is currently studying jazz-guitar, and being mentored by virtuoso Tom Hess. After graduating as an interior designer he now devotes his time into building a succesfull career in music.
He gives guitarlessons and workshops on both a national and international level.

Antony feels great joy in teaching others and helping them improve their abilities. As executive director of both Guitar Training Studio and Casa da Musica, he is training students of all ages and backgrounds on the guitar in his hometown Ostend and leads a team of high-skilled teachers to deliver the best music-education in pianolessons and voicelessons.

He is currently working on his debut-album "Spirits in Revolution"
It is his goal in life to become the best musician he can be and to share his music with as many people as possible!
“I love listening to music as much as I love to practice the guitar. It's really all about the love for me. I like to be serious about practice and rehearsal, but I have to feel that love otherwise it's just no good.” Antony Reynaert