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Here you'll find a collection of guitar articles, with topics ranging from blues guitar soloing, improving your rhythm playing and mastering the fretboard. I hope you find these articles helpfull, you can email me with requests for future articles or questions using the contact form.

Improving Your Blues Lead Guitar Playing

Many novice blues guitarists use the minor pentatonic scale when they first learn to play blues solos. While this is a great way to get into blues guitar at first, it's very limiting to your improvisation and creativity. If you listen to guitarist like Stevie Ray Vaughan you might notice that they use totatlly different sounds, especially over the IV and V-chord of a 12-bar blues progression. In this article we delve into more 'advanced' scales you can use, so your solos sound like you know what you are doing and you can 'spell out the changes' in your blues lead guitar playing.

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Why Your Obsession With Blues Guitar Solos Is Hurting Your Progress With The Guitar

Almost all guitarists dream of playing great lead guitar solos. While these aspirations are shared by many students of the guitar all over the world, it's also the reason why many people have poor rhythm skills. It's a trap that you easily can fall into. In this blues guitar article we will delve into building up a solid blues guitar shuffle rhythm and learn the difference between a shuffle rhythm and a swing rhythm.

Learn how to play a solid shuffle rhythm.

Why Most Blues Guitar Methods Fail

In this article we'll delve into all of the reasons why most blues guitar methods fail to keep the student progressing and how you can use this information to turn things around in your own progress with the guitar. You will also learn how to get from a beginners perspective of improvisation in the blues to a more advanced and melodic view about this topic (think about the soloing of BB King, Freddy King, John Mayer), etc.

Learn about my recommendations about following a solid blues guitar method to keep improving your blues guitar playing every day.

How To Improve Your Blues Guitar Rhythm Playing

Most guitarists experience more trouble playing exciting blues rhythm riffs, than playing guitar solos. This has many reasons and the lack of great resources on the topic of blues rhythm riffs is the biggest reason. In this highly acclaimed article (this is my most popular article of all time) you will learn how to construct great sounding blues rhythm riffs on your own by starting from scratch.

Learn how to improve your blues rhythm guitar playing.

What You Need To Know If You Want To Jam On Guitar

It is very typical for blues guitar students to aspire to play at jam sessions at some point in their musical lives. However, most students are being held back by their own lack of self-confidence to take measures to start jamming with other guitarists (and musicians in general). In this instructional article you will learn exactly what is holding you back to play at a blues jam and how to get started at playing at these jams.

Learn more about how to jam on guitar.

Learn The Best Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques

This article will take you throught the most important guitar techniques of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. In the video that accompanies the article you will see what the number one technique is you need to master in order to get that aggressive blues guitar sound.

Learn about the best Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Techniques.

How To Improve Your Blues Guitar Phrasing By Letting Your Solos Tell A Story

The best blues guitarists are able to let their guitar solos tell a story. This is a crucial ability that is lacking in the guitar solos of most aspiring guitarists. You will improve your blues guitar phrasing significantly by learning how to tell a story with your guitar improvisations.

How To Put Emotions In Your Guitar Soloing

Learning how to improvise on guitar is a task that is fairly easy for most beginning guitarists. Intermediate guitarists often times have a hard time 'growing up' with the guitar and advancing into a more professional sound when playing improvised guitar solos. One important, but often overlooked aspect of this is learning how to add emotions when you are soloing.

In this article you will learn how to play emotional blues guitar solos that touch your listener.

How To Play Arpeggios On Guitar

In order to learn how to create compelling blues guitar solos it is important to learn how chords, scales and arpeggios relate. In this article about arpeggios in blues guitar you will get the insight you need in order to get a solid view on this important topic.

Many guitarists want to make the leap of faith from intermediate to advanced and learning how to use arpeggios in blues guitar is an essential way to get you started on this road.

How To Learn Fast Blues Guitar Licks

Do you think fast blues guitar licks are too difficult for you right now? Think again. In this article and the corresponding video lesson I have laid out all of the necessary steps that will get you to play very fast blues guitar licks.

Learn everything you need to know about playing fast blues guitar licks.

How To Play Blues Chords And Solos At The Same Time

A lot of guitarists can play either chords or solos on the guitar, but the great guitarists can weave the two together. In this article and video you will learn how to play blues chords and solos at the same time.

How To Play Expressive Blues Guitar Solos

It is one thing to improvise a few blues guitar solos using the scales that you've learned, but it requires a whole other set of skills to make those solos expressive. In this unique article you will learn that the missing piece in many guitar students their soloing is to practice playing solos in a way that moves them towards mature sounding pieces of music. 

Learning this will set you up to start playing blues guitar solos with expression.

How To Use The Altered Scale In Your Blues Guitar Solos

If you want to start using outside sounds in your blues guitar playing I have several recommendations for you, but by far the altered scale is my favorite. It is one of the 'sickest sounding' scales of all time, but people tend to overcomplicate how they approach this scale by using all sorts of complicated names as the 7th mode of superlocrian Yes, it is true that the altered scale is the 7th mode of superlocrian, but by overcomplicating this great scale we make it harder to get into.

That is why I wrote this easy to understand guide on How To Use The Altered Scale.