Guitarists Inspired by SRV: Chris Duarte

Hey all,

Next in line in the "guitarists inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan" blog-posts is Chris Duarte.

Just like SRV, Chris Duarte was born in Texas, USA.

I was first introduced to his music by a friend of mine, who also lives in the USA and knows Chris personally. She told me about this great guitar player who she knows and I told her I would check him out.

I think it is a great thing to pass along names of blues guitarists (and artists in general) from one person to another. That is the main reason why I write this blog-series; just to pass along names of great guitar-players.

One of my most favorite thing in live is to go to my local record-shop (called "den ostendshen ploate", if you want to know) and just ask the guy from the shop "what blues-guitarist is hot?" or "what new stuff have you checked out recently?".

I just love to do that… no online shop, no itunes, no amazon, just face-to-face talking about music at the local shop. I hope this never changes, as following generations will have to do their very best to come into contact with genres of music other then anything that is mainstream (lady gaga anyone?).

So cut the crap, here is some real blues guitar music for you:

In this next video you'll see Chris play a Texas-blues shuffle rhythm with a distinct SRV-flavour to it:

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NOTE: Recently I was honoured to conduct an interview with Chris Duarte on the topic of blues guitar playing. You can read this article on my blues lessons website: Chris Duarte Interview.