How Do I Know Whether I Should Send My Child To Guitar Lessons?

So you’ve been thinking about your child going to guitar lessons? Are you wondering if that’s the right instrument for them? Are you wondering whether it will be worth them learning an instrument at all?

This article will give you a few things to think about whether guitar lessons will be right for your child and also for you too.

Does your child want to play the guitar?


The most important thing is does your child want to play the guitar. You may be the most supportive parent in the whole world. But if your child wants nothing but to play football all day. Then it may be difficult to encourage them to sit down and play. However, if they have shown an interest in it themselves. Whether something has inspired them or someone they know plays the guitar. Then that is a great start.

What age is your child?

We normally recommend children to learn how to play the guitar is around seven or eight. This is because by then they have reasonable dexterity and concentration. They can have a tonne of progress in a short space of time.

The guitar is a little harder than some other instruments and requires good two hand coordination. Every child is different, so it’s worth taking your child to a guitar teacher. When they are below that age, they can start playing very simple things on the guitar. However, many parents prefer to save their money and have their child make tonnes of progress when they are a little older.

Beyond that age, anyone can learn how to play the guitar! Even adults in their 60s. So if you want to learn how to play too, there’s no reason why you can’t.

Does your child have time to learn?


Occasionally, we meet a child that has about 10 different hobbies, and they have a schedule that most adults would be afraid of. Learning guitar does take commitment, we recommend your child to have at least 10 minutes a day to practice. More if they are older. If they have a lot of other commitments, then trying to fit something else in might overwhelm them.

Guitar Vs other instruments

Guitar itself has many benefits compared to learning other instruments.

The guitar is the most popular instrument for adults to play in the UK. This means that if your child learns how to play the guitar that they are a lot more likely to carry on playing when they are adults. This is because the guitar is present in a lot of popular music. It is also very portable and can be kept even in small apartments. You can also pick it up at a reasonably small amount of money compared to many other instruments.

Lots of children learn classical instruments and encouraged to do grades. But end up never playing the instrument when they are older. Guitar definitely has a “cool” perception that may attract your child to enjoy playing it more.

And that’s the most important thing. If your child enjoys playing the guitar and has fun in the lessons. They are a lot more likely to carry on playing it as they get older. So that they can enjoy the benefits of learning music and playing the guitar.


I hope this short article has given you a few ideas on whether you want to send your child to have guitar lessons. It is a commitment, and it takes hard work and effort for your child to master the guitar. But it is a lot of fun and can bring your child a lot of enjoyment and improve their confidence.

About Darryl Powis:

He is a dedicated guitar teacher and guitar school owner of Guitar Tuition East London providing children’s guitar lessons from London, England. Experienced in helping both children, teenagers and adults with learning the guitar and giving them results while having a lot of fun learning the guitar.