Are you searching for an easy way to start playing guitar? Here it is!

by Marco von Baumbach

It has always been your dream to play guitar and you finally decided to get started? If you are holding your first guitar in your hand, than most likely you can not wait to start right away, at least for me that was the case!

Back than when I discovered the old guitar of my father, I immediately tried to play some cool tunes on it. From my today's perspective I must have played awful, but I didn't cared about how I sounded at all, because I was so fascinated from playing it. I simply started with what I thought would be fun for me and after 2 weeks I was already able to strum to the first simple songs.

Most people find it hard to start playing the guitar, because they don't know where to begin. Don't get me wrong, learning the guitar is a challenge for every single person who attempts it, for me it was as well, as I had troubles to play even the simplest chords - not even talking about changing between them - in the beginning, but I didn't perceived it as being a struggle. Why? Because I had a picture in my mind's eye, with me already being able to play all the stuff I really would like to be able to play and I only practiced stuff that seemed to be a lot of fun to me and the stuff which I saw myself already being able to play.

Start with something that is fun for you!

If you don't know where to begin, than start with what I did. Imagine in your mind's eye, how you would like to see yourself as a guitar player. If you need an idea for this, simply get started with listening to your favorite song and imagine yourself playing along to it. That helps yourself with getting excited about wanting to become really good on guitar and second, you now have something to start practicing with.

For example, you can start with listening to the melody of the singer and replay it on your guitar, or you start strumming simple chords to the song. If you get stuck and feel helpless with learning it by yourself, you could simply asked a more advanced player or a guitar teacher to help you.

Do you see yourself playing your own songs?

If you imagine yourself in your mind's eye playing your own songs, maybe even performing them in front of a big audience, here is something to get you started right away with playing and writing your own songs, even if you know nothing about music right now.

A great place to start is to learn basic chord on guitar. Here are some names of chords to get you started:

C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am

These chords are all in the same key, called C Major. Nowadays most songs are written in a single key. In popular music it often occurs, that a composer is picking out 3 or 4 chords out of the same key and than basically repeats them over and over in the same order.

So if you want to write a song, you could take the same concept and simply pick out 3 or 4 chords of the ones above and let them repeat over and over.

Here are examples of how that could look like:

1. Example with 3 chords: G Em C; G Em C; G Em C; G Em C;

2. Example with 4 chords: G F Am C; G F Am C; G F Am C; G F Am C;

After you have figured out how to play these chords and came up with your own chord progressions, a great exercise is to sing a melody along the chords and your first song is already finished! If you are into songwriting, this will get you started having fun with as a beginner on the guitar.

This article was written by Marco von Baumbach, guitar teacher in Wuppertal, Germany.

If you are interested in the author, check out his website about Gitarrenunterricht in Wuppertal

The One Technique That Will Transform Your Guitar Playing

Do you exactly know how to play guitar with a lot of emotion?

When I am working with students on getting them to play blues guitar parts that are dripping with emotion there is one technique that I put a lot of emphasis on.

This technique is the one thing that is holding you back from sounding like an amateur to playing like the pro's.

It's quite a journey to get this technique just right, so the sooner you start developing this technique of the masters the better.

Learn what this technique is by watching this video:

Learn more about what in the video is called the 'full strum technique' as used by guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan in order to achieve a very hard hitting sound on the guitar in this article about the most important Stevie Ray Vaughan technique.


How To Make Your Blues Rhythm Guitar Riffs Sound More Complex

I am very happy to write that I've created a brand new description on how to transform your blues riffs from sounding like an amateur to advanced riffs.

Many good lead guitarists have a hard time coming up with creative rhythm parts.

Especially in the blues this hold true, because many consider the blues as an 'easy' style and so the internet is filled with basic blues riffs, but no one is taking you by the hand and showing you how to get from the basics to advanced riffs.

Learn to create your own blues riffs from starting at the most basic riffs and expanding them to complex sounding blues rhythm riffs.

Talk to you soon,


How Guitarists Such As BB King And John Mayer Create Melodic Blues Solos

I often get asked how to create melodic blues solos like BB King. After all, regular blues soloing advise will only carry you through the first steps of playing scales such as the minor pentatonic scale, but will leave you on your own after these initial tips.

Here is a sound example that clarifies what I mean with 'melodic' blues solos:

In this sound example I am not using the minor pentatonic scale exclusively, but I am adding the major pentatonic scale as well. This is being used a lot by guitarists such as BB King, Freddy King, John Mayer.

In my latest guitar article I explain why most guitarists fail to keep progressing in their blues playing and how to turn things around and keep improving every day by learning to switch between major and minor pentatonic scales in your soloing. Learn more about my blues guitar method.



My debut album Spirits in Revolution is out now!

After months of preparation (in fact, I've been writing this album for so long that I almost lost count, probably 4 or 5 years) it's great to be able to say that my album is now available. You can listen to previews of the songs and buy the album on itunes or you can order the physical version here.

It's been great to share my music with you all and I feel blessed having this music out for you to enjoy!

Guitarists Inspired by SRV: Chris Duarte

Hey all,

Next in line in the "guitarists inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan" blog-posts is Chris Duarte.

Just like SRV, Chris Duarte was born in Texas, USA.

I was first introduced to his music by a friend of mine, who also lives in the USA and knows Chris personally. She told me about this great guitar player who she knows and I told her I would check him out.

I think it is a great thing to pass along names of blues guitarists (and artists in general) from one person to another. That is the main reason why I write this blog-series; just to pass along names of great guitar-players.

One of my most favorite thing in live is to go to my local record-shop (called "den ostendshen ploate", if you want to know) and just ask the guy from the shop "what blues-guitarist is hot?" or "what new stuff have you checked out recently?".

I just love to do that… no online shop, no itunes, no amazon, just face-to-face talking about music at the local shop. I hope this never changes, as following generations will have to do their very best to come into contact with genres of music other then anything that is mainstream (lady gaga anyone?).

So cut the crap, here is some real blues guitar music for you:

In this next video you'll see Chris play a Texas-blues shuffle rhythm with a distinct SRV-flavour to it:

Feel free to leave a comment!



NOTE: Recently I was honoured to conduct an interview with Chris Duarte on the topic of blues guitar playing. You can read this article on my blues lessons website: Chris Duarte Interview.